My Hospital game for Android version 202...

My Hospital game for Android version 2022

My Hospital game for Android version 2022

Jul 18, 2022 te Files

My Hospital game is one of the new and fun Android games in the simulation style, and it is also one of the most popular games in the Google Play Store. It has been downloaded more than 5 million times on this site, and got a good score with a rating of 4.3 out of 5. As the name of the game suggests about the events that take place in it, in this game you have to create and manage your own hospital and treat different patients.

As I mentioned above, the gameplay of this game is that you first have to build your own hospital with different parts. For example: laboratory, doctors office, operating room, etc. And then manage the parts of the hospital you created and treat patients. You can also create a small garden in this hospital, grow different medicinal plants in it and prepare different elixirs that can be used to treat more than 80 different and strange diseases.


About My Hospital game:

Another thing that you should pay attention to in My Hospital game is to create a suitable and calm environment for patients to feel at home. For this purpose, different decorations should be used in the game to create an environment that makes it beautiful and relaxing. As you advance in the game and level up, you can add new wards to the hospital to be able to treat new diseases. You can also play this game with your hands and make many exchanges with them in the game.

My Hospital game allows users to experience having a medical environment while experiencing all the activities related to the hospital. It is a simulation approach and allows people to role-play different jobs using their smartphones. This game shows building and expanding a hospital from 0 to 100 with other related activities.

In the this game, you can create your own medical staff in addition to creating your own medical garden. Of course, the spread and expansion of this game and its popularity has become large and noticeable, and we will mention some of the game's features in the next few lines.


My hospital game features:

  • Large-scale role-playing: It is safe to say that one of the biggest and most important reasons for the popularity of this game is the breadth of activities you can do. Where you can work as a doctor in various specialties and treat patients. As director of the hospital, you take care of the other wards. In addition, you can produce and prescribe the medicines you need from the plants you grow in your garden. In each series of My Hospital updates you can see new activities and more different items.
  • Competition: My Hospital works both online and offline even if you are offline. But the fun is more in online mode, where you have the opportunity to compete with other users of this game according to the points you have earned and also according to the progress and extent of your hospital. The more subdivisions your hospital has and the more detailed its activities, and most importantly, the more impressive the headboard you make for your hospital with facilities and materials, the better your chances of winning this competition, and getting a better position.
  • Design and Graphics: Another strength of this game is its strong and detailed atmosphere. All the elements used in the game world are designed according to real examples. But this design is accompanied by a wonderful and creative color and smell. The game space has a variety of different shapes that remind you of different places. On the other hand, high graphics quality has been used, which makes this detail and variety look better and more interesting.
  • Game structure: My Hospital has a relatively high file size due to the variety of items in it and also because of its quality. Therefore, you will need a relatively high-end operating system to run the game perfectly. It's true that the game's main processors are powerful, but you still need to free up enough space in your smartphone's memory to manage the in-app data of the game well.
  • Fresh ideas: This game can be an endless game due to its ability to upgrade items and a wide range of options. But the enduring charm of this game is not limited to this feature, it is largely due to the new ideas, as there are unique elements in the game. Also, many of the diseases that you have to treat in the game or the plants you grow are exclusive and you won't find them in other similar games.


Download My Hospital game latest version:

To download My Hospital game, all you have to do is click on the following link: My Hospital game. Which is a direct link to download My Hospital game from the official Google Play Store. Then press install and enjoy your time.

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