How to retrieve deleted phone numbers on...

How to retrieve deleted phone numbers on your phone

How to retrieve deleted phone numbers on your phone

Jul 18, 2022 te Files

Smartphones have become one of the essentials that everyone has. This is because it is rich in features that help you manage your daily life. Perhaps recording the phone numbers of others is an important feature of the smartphone, but when your phone is lost or phone data is lost, you find yourself in big problem, which is how to retrieve phone numbers.

Many people lose their smartphone data by losing the phone itself or formatting the phone due to a technical problem in the system. This can change your mood throughout the day, but in this article you will find the solution to this problem. Just read the next few lines carefully.

There are several ways in which you can retrieve deleted phone numbers or contacts from your smartphone. Perhaps the most important and most famous of these methods is to retrieve phone numbers from Facebook and retrieve phone numbers from a Google account. In addition to some other methods that require you to install some assisting programs.


How to retrieve phone numbers from Facebook:

You may find many users of the Facebook application not knowing that it can retrieve their contacts through Facebook. But in fact, this is already available and you can take advantage of it in case you lose the contacts stored on your smartphone.

Usually, the Facebook app syncs the contacts from your phone to your Facebook server. Thus, you can easily access your sync history and retrieve all the phone numbers of friends, family and others that have been deleted or lost for any reason.

Now we come to how to access these contacts? You can do this by visiting your Facebook account on your computer or mobile browser. Then log in to your account by typing your email or phone number and typing your password.

Then click on the Recover Deleted Numbers link, which immediately takes you to a page containing all the contacts that have been synced with your Facebook account. Through which you can retrieve phone numbers from Facebook.

This page contains the contact's name and phone number as previously recorded on your phone. You can sync these contacts to be downloaded and stored in a reverse manner in the phone book of your smartphone.

You can also access the synced contacts page data via the Facebook Messenger app. By opening the Messenger app and clicking on the account icon. Then click on the phone contacts option and then manage contacts. Here you can see all your synced contacts.


How did your contacts stored in your Facebook account?

After installing the Facebook application on your smartphone and then opening it for the first time, you will see some permissions that the application wants to activate to access certain features on your phone. These permissions include access to the contacts and the authority to synchronize these contacts with the application.

When you activate these permissions, you allow the Facebook application to sync all the phone numbers or contacts that you have stored in your phone and store them in Facebook server. Of course they are stored in a secure way.

When you visit the link mentioned above, you will find all the phone numbers that have been synced. Thus, you can retrieve phone numbers from Facebook to your smartphone in this easy and simple way, which will not require you to be professional in dealing with technology.

If you want to delete contacts from your Facebook account, it is very easy. Where you can do this by clicking on Delete all contacts button, and wait for a while. Your request will be executed and all the synced contacts will be deleted.

If you visit that page and it is completely blank. It means that you have not synced your smartphone contacts with your Facebook account. So you can try the second method.


How to retrieve phone numbers from a Google account?

Google accounts are closely connected to the Android system. And due to the expansion of the spread of Google and Gmail services. So you will not find an Android phone or any phone with other system without a Google account. Of course, this has the benefit of retrieving contact numbers in case they are lost.

Google accounts sync data from your phone to the Google cloud storage and of course in a completely secure way. Among the data that is synchronized are the contacts stored on your smartphone. So you can easily visit the link to Retrieve Phone Numbers from Google and see the synced contacts.

As is the case in retrieving phone numbers from Facebook, you can retrieve phone numbers from Google in the same way. By activating the sync on your phone, these numbers will be synced from the Google cloud storage and stored in your smartphone contacts.

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